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6 Ways Small Businesses Can Win with Facebook

Jim Belosic (photo, left) of SocialMediaExaminer.com asks, "Are you seeking a bigger Facebook presence, but have a small budget?

You may see your small business efforts on Facebook like David compared to the Goliath presence big businesses enjoy.

There’s a lot that small businesses can learn from the way big businesses approach Facebook, but the separation between your little company and international corporations isn’t as vast as it may sometimes appear."

See his "six ways you can model your efforts after the successful campaigns run by big businesses, and some ways you can even get a leg up on the big guys" here.

Author bio – Jim Belosic is a social media designer who has been building the web presences of many companies over the past 10 years. His current project ShortStackLab.com which gives designers, developers, and code-uneducated people tools to create their own custom tabs for Facebook Pages.